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DERICA - Dubna Electron-Radioactive Ion Collider fAcility

DERICA (Dubna Electron – Radioactive Ion Collider fAcility), a powerful RIB facility is intended to cover a broad range of modern nuclear physics aspects (new isotope synthesis and production, its masses, lifetimes and decay modes, nuclear reactions and spectroscopy). However, the emphasis of the project is storage ring physics with ultimate aim of electron-RIB scattering studies in the collider experiments. Expected construction time ~ 14 years and facility cost ~ $300 M.

DERICA concept combines in-flight production of RIBs by projectile fragmentation technique (primary beams up to uranium, energies ~100 AMeV for A/Z = 6), stopping RI by gas catcher, reacceleration by LINAC-synchrotron combination, usage of reaccelerated RIBs for reaction studies (experimental hall EH-3) and for storage ring experiments (experimental areas of CR ring).

The new facility is expected to be built in the JINR territory next to existing FLNR buildings. Basic DERICA components will be situated in a free area at JINR. The project is to be implemented stage by stage. R&D and experiments at stage 1 will be carried out using the ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator recently built at FLNR’s U400M accelerator. The use of the existing scientific infrastructure at FLNR will speed up and technologically secure the project, since it will allow the key technologies of RIB formation and postacceleration to be optimized.

Development of the facility in four stages since 2018 is proposed with new scientific opportunities arising on each stage:
  • Stage 1. System {gas cell - ion trap - ion source/charge breeder} and accelerator LINAC-30 is mounted in the F6 focal plane of the existing ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator, see Figure 1. Experiments in ion traps and experiments with reaccelerated RIBs up to 30 AMeV.
  • Stage 2. New facility buildings are constructed; “driver” accelerator LINAC-100 (~ 100 AMeV acceleration for A/Z = 6 ions) and fragment separator DFS are installed, see Figure 3. Applied studies (experimental hall EH-1) and reaction studies with intermediate energy (~ 20 – 70 AMeV) RIBs (experimental hall EH-2).
  • Stage 3. System {gas cell - ion trap - ion source/charge breeder} and LINAC-30 are relocated to DERICA building. Together with fast ramping ring synchrotron FRR the reaccelerated RIBs in the range ~ 5 – 300 AMeV are available (experimental hall EH-3).
  • Stage 4. Experiments, including electron-RIB collider studies, can be conducted in three experimental areas of the storage ring CR.

DERICA status

The aim of the project is to have by the end 2021 the following tasks accomplished:

  • TDR for LINAC-100
  • front-end prototype
  • prototype parts for ECR-28

25 June 2019 the JINR PAC has approved the new project «Construction of a prototype of the initial section of the high-current heavy-ion linear accelerator for the production of intense radioactive ion beams for basic research»

April 2019 the DERICA project has got extrodinarly financing from JINR Directorate to kickstart the most long-term R&Ds.

April 2018 the project was submitted Russian Ministry of education and science within the call for proposals of “megascience”-class

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