Synthesis of element 102

    Nobelium is a synthetic element with the symbol No and atomic number 102.

    "The studies aimed at synthesizing new transfermium elements have been underway since the late 1950's in leading nuclear physics centres, such as the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley, USA and the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna, USSR, and later, from the 1970's at the Gesellschaft fur Schwerionen-forschung in Darmstadt, Federal Republic of Germany.

Element 102
    Those studies using heavy ion-induced nuclear reactions have led to the discovery of elements with atomic numbers 101 to 110. During the three decades many experimental facilities were developed and upgraded, new approaches and concepts appeared, while various groups of researchers happened to prefer different approaches. The diversity of the methods and ways of proof has naturally led to different opinions regarding the criteria which the discovery of a new element should meet."
    From "A HISTORY AND ANALYSIS OF THE DISCOVERY OF ELEMENT 102". G. N. Flerov, I. Zvara, E. D. Donets, G. M. Ter-Akopian, V. A. Shchegolev and V. L. Mikheev, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Dubna, USSR. Radiochimica Acta 56, 111-124 (1992). Read more...

    SYNTHESIS OF THE ELEMENT 102 OF MASS NUMBER 256. E. D. Donets, V A. Shchegolev, and V. A. Ermakov
    download: [ pdf ] (1 145Kb)

    THE PROPERTIES OF THE ISOTOPE 102254. E. D. Donets, V. A. Shchegolev, and V.A. Ermakov
    download: [ pdf ] (582Kb)