Synthesis of element 103

    Lawrencium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Lr and atomic number 103.

    "...The history of the discovery of element 103 was also found to be quite complex. In 1961 in Berkeley (USA), A. Ghiorso et al. announced the discovery of a new element with atomic number 103 (isotope with mass number 257) and they called it "lawrencium" [18, 19]. However, an analysis of the possible errors and backgrounds was not undertaken in this work. Experiments carried out in Dubna [20-24] later showed that the work was erroneous.

Element 103
    In 1965, a group of experimenters in Dubna established unambiguously that in the reaction Am243 + O18 the isotope 103256 is formed [20]. Up to the present time, three isotopes of element 103 with mass numbers 255,256, and 257 [20-24] have been discovered and studied. Careful searches for an isotope with the characteristics of the American element 103 - lawrencium - did not give positive results [21]..."
    From "SYNTHESIS AND SEARCH FOR HEAVY TRANSURANIUM ELEMENTS" G. N. Flerov,(p.3). Translated from Atomnaya Energiya, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 302-309, April, 1970.
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