Synthesis of element 106

    Seaborgium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Sg and atomic number 106.

    "...In the reactions 207Pb +54Cr and 208Pb +54Cr, we observed the formation of spontaneously fissioning nuclei with a half-life of several msec. We have subsequently performed a large number of control experiments in which various isotopes of Pb and Bi were bombarded with 51V and 52Cr ions and reactions of the (ρ, χn) and (α, χn) type, which could lead to the formation of isotopes with Z <106, were investigated. It was found that in this energy range the contribution of these reactions is negligibly small.

Element 106
    We are therefore inclined to assume that the 50 events observed in the experiments are due to spontaneous fission of nuclei with Z= 106. From the ratio of the yield of this emitter in experiments with different Pb isotopes, and also on the basis of the new ideas concerning the systematics of the spontaneous fission, it can be assumed that the spontaneous fission is experienced by the odd isotope 259106, which is produced in reactions with emission of two and three neutrons..."
    From "Synthesis of neutron-deficient isotopes of fermium, kurchatovium, and element 106". Oganessian Yu.Ts., Tret'yakov Yu.P., Il'inov A.S., Demin A.G., A.A. Pleve A.A., Tret'yakova S.P., Plotko V.M., Ivanov M.P., Danilov N.A., Korotkin Yu.S., Flerov G.N.
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    On the Properties of the Element 106 Isotopes Produced in the Reactions Pb +54Cr A.G. Demin, S.P. Tretyakova, V.K. Utyonkov, and I.V. Shirokovsky
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