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S e r g e y   I v a n o v i c h   S i d o r c h u k

A.Popeko Deputy Director of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions

Doctor of Science (Phys. and Math.)

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Born: 18 January 1961, Leningrad, USSR


  • 1984 Moscow Engineering Physical Institute, Faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
  • 2004 Candidate of Physics and Mathematics: “Experimental study of the hydrogen isotopes 4,5,7H in reactions with the beams of 3H and 8He”
  • 2017 Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics: “Study of the structure of heavy helium isotopes in the transfer and knockout reactions”
  • Professional activity:

    • 1984–2007 Probation researcher, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher, FLNR JINR
    • 2007–2015 Scientific secretary of FLNR JINR
    • 2015–2020 Deputy Director of FLNR JINR
    • Since 2015 Director of FLNR JINR

    Scientific research interests:

  • Technique of studies with secondary beams of radioactive nuclei
  • Mechanisms of nuclear reactions
  • Structure of light exotic nuclei near the drip-lines
  • Correlation studies of nuclear systems beyond the neutron stability border
  • Scientific activity:

    • Since 2013 Member of the editorial board of PEPAN Letters
    • Since 2013 Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Simposium on Nuclear Electronics and Computing
    • Since 2015 Member of the JINR Science and Technology Council
    • Since 2017 Member of PAC of the Heavy Ion Laboratory of Warsaw University
    • Since 2018 Member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Conference on Nuclear Structure and Dynamics
    • Since 2019 Member of the Scientific Qualification Commission at FLNR JINR

    Scientific publications:

    Coauthor of more than 150 scientific papers.

    JINR awards:

    • 1996 “High resolution line for experiments with radioactive beams at the U400M cyclotron” (II prize);
    • 1998 “Structure of 6He: di-neutron bound in the field of 4He” (I prize);
    • 2005 “Structure of superheavy hydrogen isotopes” (II prize);
    • 2009 ”Properties of neutron rich helium isotopes” (I prize);
    • 2013 “Experimental studies of exotic nuclei 26S, 10He, 6Be and development of correlation analysis methods” (I prize).
    • 2017 “Search for the branch of 2p-decay of the excited state of 17Ne (3/2-) (II prize).
    • 2018 “ACCULINNA-2 project: the physics case and technical challenges”(I prize)




    (7-49621)6 21 54;

    (7-49621) 6 50 83


    Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR
    141980 Dubna, Russia. 

    Postal address:
    FLNR JINR, 141980 Dubna,
    Moscow region, Russia

    Phone: (7-49621) 62-159
    Telefax: (7-49621) 28-933
    Telex: 911621 DUBNA SU
    E-mail: yuliam@jinr.ru