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    Year 2013

    Synthesis and Properties of Nuclei at the Stability Limits

    Leader:    M.G. Itkis
    Scientific leader:   Yu.Ts. Oganessian

    Scientific Programme:
    Synthesis and investigation of properties of nuclei at stability limits. Research into the mechanisms of heavy-ion induced reactions. The study of physical and chemical properties of heavy and superheavy elements.

    Expected main results in 2013:

    • Completion of the experiments on synthesis of the element 117 in the reaction 48Ca + 249Bk, data processing and analysis of results. Carrying out experiments on the synthesis of superheavy nuclei with Z>115 in the reactions with ions 48Ca.

    • Carrying out nuclear spectroscopy experiments for the isotopes of transfermium elements No, Md and Rf in asymmetric complete fusion reactions using modernized separator VASSILISSA + GABRIELA. Study of survival probabilities of compound nuclei with extremely high (more than 400 MeV) excitation energies.

    • Carrying out experiments on chemical identification of the element 113.

    • Measurements of isotope masses of the element 112 at the separator MASHA in the reaction 48Ca + 238U.

    • Production and investigation of the properties of new neutron-rich heavy nuclei obtained in the transfer reactions. Study of exotic fission modes for heavy and superheavy nuclei.

    • Research of the structure of light nuclei 9He, 17Ne, 27S with the use of radioactive beams and a tritium target.

    • Experimental studies of the excitation functions for cluster transfer reactions and for total reaction cross-sections with the d, 6,7Li, 12C, 48Ca beams. Creation of detection system based on the drift chamber for the magnetic spectrometer.

    • Theoretical study of the mechanisms of heavy ion induced reactions.

    • Development of the knowledge base on nuclear physics within the global computer network.

    From 03-5-1094-2010/2014 item of the Topical plan for JINR research and international cooperation 2013.

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