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May 2018

25.05.2018 - FLNR STAD Scientific Seminar "Calibration of U400M dee HF-voltage measuring system", 11-00, Flerov Lab, b.131, room 250, second floor.

Speaker: Ivanenko I.A.

The results of measurement of U400M cyclotron dees absolute voltage using method of bremsstrahlung spectrum measurement for the following resonance system frequencies: 12.8, 13.317, 15.012, 15.1 and 17.5 MHz are presented.

To get precise bremsstrahlung spectrum maximum energy the bremsstrahlung spectrum was simulated using FLUKA software. Comparison of calculated bremsstrahlung spectrum with the measured one gives maximum energy with an accuracy of ±2 keV. Centre software was used to estimate the effect of dees HF-voltage amplitude on ion beam capture in acceleration.

24.05.2018 - FLNR CAP Scientific Seminar "Mechanical stresses in Al2O3:Cr monocrystals irradiated with xenon high-energy ions", 15-20, Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Speaker: Komarova D.A., ESNT NRTPU. (On Master thesis)

The results of piezospectroscopic analysis of the profile of mechanical stresses in Al2O3:Cr monocrystals irradiated with 1,2MeV/n xenon ions are presented. Method of sample preparation for measurement of spectra of photostimulated luminescence of laser confocal scanning microscope in cross-section geometry is given. It's shown that stresses profile spacial resolution in this method is 1,0 mkm which is much higher (>=3 mkm) of standard measurements resolution with focus motion in sample depth.

24.05.2018 - FLNR CAP Scientific Seminar "Formation of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coats on track membrane surfaces by methods of HF-magnetron sputtering and electron beam dispersion of polymer in vacuum", 15-00, Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Speaker: Kravets L.I.

21.05.2018 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Electron and positron scattering in Coulomb field", 15-30, Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Speaker: V.P.Neznamov, RFNC ARSRIEP (Sarov, Russia)

Which is true: Dirac equation for bispinor or second order equation for spinor?

Whether experimental verdict is possible?

18.05.2018 - FLNR Scientific Seminar "Applications and societal benefits of nuclear physics", 11-00, Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Speaker: Sylvie Leray, CEA Saclay, IRFU, France

The Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC) has recently published its Long Range Plan 2017, for which a review of the applications and societal benefits derived from basic Nuclear Physics Research in Europe has been done. I will present the different domains of applications, such as nuclear energy, health, security, space, environment and materials science, with a focus on recent achievements.

11.05.2018 - FLNP Scientific Seminar "Neutrons in exotic nuclei", 11-00, FLNP Conference Hall (2nd floor).

Speaker: Yu.E.Penionzhkevich, (FLNR JINR)

The problems related to the effect of neutron clusters on the structure of neutron-rich nuclei near neutron stability boundaries are discussed. The results of measurements of delayed neutrons emitted after the beta-decay of exotic nuclei and the manifestation of various resonances in nuclei as a result of this process are presented. Dynamic neutron shell effects in the interaction of neutron-rich nuclei with target nuclei in various energy regions (from subbarrier to 50 AMeV) are described. The prospects of research on neutron-rich nuclei beams of radioactive-beam factories, including those of the DRIBs accelerator complex, are discussed.

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