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June 2019

26.06.2019 - FLNR Scientific Seminar, 15-30, Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

Ion optics of multiple-reflection time-of-flight mass analysers for mass measurement and separation of rare isotopes.

M.I.Yavor, Institute for Analytical Instrumentation of the RAS

The basic ion-optical principles of creation of multiple-reflection time-of-flight high resolution mass analysers for mass measurement and separation of isotopes in nuclear research are given in this report. Ion-optical elements of these analysers such as the short ion pulse forming apparatus based on a linear radio-frequency catcher, gridless axial-symmetrical ion mirrors, power filters, power buncher, mass selective ion catcher as well as the methods and apparatus for the adjustment of time-of-flight focused ion bunch position to detector are under consideration. Current values of resolution and mass accuracy, basic parameters of multiple-reflection time-of-flight high resolution mass analysers, as well as bulk charge effect on these parameters are discussed.

13.06.2019 - FLNR CAP Scientific Seminar, 15-00, Flerov Lab Conference Hall.

(On Reports for the 20th International conference "Radiation effects in insulators", REI-20, Astana, Kazakhstan, August 18-23, 2019 and the 21st International conference "Surface Modification of Materials by Ion Beams", SMMIB-21, Tomsk, Rusia, August 25-30, 2019. )

  1. Rymzhanov R.A. "Comprehensive modelling from SHI passage to observable track formation"
  2. Rymzhanov R.A. "Picosecod surface kinetics of swift heavy ion irradiated insulators"
  3. Olejniczak A. "Structural transformations in HOPG irradiated with swift heavy ions"
  4. Kirilkin N.S. "Raman scattering in diamond irradiated with swift xenon ions"

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