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    DC280 cyclotron, a stand-alone SHE factory

  • March 25, 2019. Inauguration of the Superheavy Element Factory in the FLNR JINR.

  • On December 26, 2018 DC-280 cyclotron first beam of accelerated heavy ions was produced in the FLNR JINR.

  • All works on creation of DC-280 cyclotron complex are completed in the FLNR JINR. New cyclotron start-up is planned for November 2018.
    (JINR TV, September 12, 2018)

    FLNR JINR DC-280 cyclotron complex. All works are completed
    JINR SI Department

  • Commissioning of DC-280 cyclotron complex
    (JINR TV, July 12, 2018)

    FLNR JINR DC-280 cyclotron complex. Commissioning of all systems is under way.
    JINR SI Department

    Creation of SHE factory based on the high-intensity universal DC-280 cyclotron (A ≤ 238, E ≤ 10 MeV·A, I ≤ 20 pµA) in a new separate experimental building is a part of the DRIBs-III project according to the Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR 2010-2016 approved by the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the JINR Member States (CPP) in November 2009.

    The Superheavy Element Factory will increase the present rate of superheavy nuclei production by one-two orders of magnitude. This will enable studies of nuclear/atomic structures of heaviest atoms and open the door to the discoveries of the new elements above Z=118 and of isotopes closer to the predicted shell closure at N=184.

    SHE Factory Goals

    Experiments at the extremely low (σ<100 fb) cross sections:

    • Synthesis of new SHE in reactions with 50Ti, 54Cr ...;

    • Synthesis of new isotopes of SHE;

    • Study of decay properties of SHE;

    • Study of excitation functions.

    Experiments requiring high statistics:

    • Nuclear spectroscopy of SHE;

    • Precise mass measurements;

    • Study of chemical properties of SHE.

  • DC280 cyclotron, a stand-alone SHE factory

  • Synthesis and study of properties of superheavy elements;

  • Search for new reactions for SHE-synthesis;

  • Chemistry of new elements;
  • DC-280 (expected)
    E=4 - 8 MeV/A
    Ion Ion
    7Li 4 1x1014
    18O 8 1x1014
    40Ar 5 6x1013
    48Ca 5 0,6-1,2x1014
    54Cr 5 2x1013
    58Fe 5 1x1013
    124Sn 5 2x1012
    136Xe 5 1x1014
    238U 7 5x1010

    DC280 cyclotron main design parameters

    Ion source DECRIS-PM - 14 GHz on the HV platform (Umax=60kV )
    Injection energy Up to 80 keV/Z
    A/Z range 4÷7.5
    Energy 4÷8 MeV/n
    Ion mass (for DECRIS-PM) 4-136
    Intensities (A~50) >10 ρμA
    Magnetic field level 0.6÷1.3T
    K factor 280
    Dee voltage 2x130 kV
    RF power consumption 2x30 kW
    Flat-top dee voltage 2x13 kV
    Flat-top power consumption 2x2 kW
    Beam emittance less than 30 π mm•mrad
    Efficiency of beam transfer >50%

  • DECRIS-PM ECR Ion Source

  • Main setups:

    • Gas-filled recoil separator (DGFRS-II);
    • Preseparator for chemical investigations;
    • Separator for Heavy Element Spectroscopy: velocity filter SHELS;
    • Mass Analyzer of SuperHeavy Atoms (MASHA)
    • Channels reserved for external users

  • SHE Factory Project progress

  • SHE Factory building on November 14,2016

  • Assembly of DC-280 cyclotron magnet is almost completed
    (JINR TV, November 14, 2016)


  • DC-280 cyclotron magnet is ready to be tested
    (JINR TV, February 09, 2017)


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