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Email:     nikolay.aksenov@jinr.ru

Position:     Research Scientist, Candidate of Sciences

Chemistry of transactinides


13 articles found:

1 . N.M. Chiera, N.V. Aksenov, Y.V. Albin, G.A. Bozhikov, V.I. Chepigin, S.N. Dmitriev, R. Dressler, R. Eichler, V.Ya. Lebedev, A. Madumarov, O.N. Malyshev, D. Piguet, Y.A. Popov, A.V. Sabelnikov, P. Steinegger, A.I. Svirikhin, A. Togele, A.V. YereminInteraction of elemental mercury with selenium surfaces: model experiments for investigations of superheavy elements copernicium and flerovium. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, ISSN:0236-5731, eISSN:1588-2780,Springer, Vol.311, N1, p.99-108, 2017

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