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A l e x a n d e r  S t a n i s l a v o v i c h  S o k h a t s k y

Phone:     63212

Email:     sohatsky@jinr.ru

Position:     Research Scientist, Candidate of Sciences

Center of Applied Physics


3 articles found:

1 . V.A. Skuratov, A.S. Sohatsky, A.A. Nikitina, J.H. Neethling, V.S. Ageev. Swift heavy ion tracks in Y2Ti2O7 nanoparticles in EP450 ODS steel. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 456 (2015) 111-114.

2 . V.A. Skuratov, J. O Connell, A.S. Sohatsky, J. Neethling.TEM study of damage recovery in SiC by swift Xe ion irradiation. Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 327 (2014) 89-92.

3 . V.F.Reutov and A.S.Sokhatsky Formation of Ordered Helium Pores in Amorphous Silicon Subjected to Low-Energy Helium Ion Irradiation. MAIK Nauka-Interperiodica, 2003,

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